The Doric Festival

The Doric Festival

A twa wikk lang splore o the tung, sangs, music and traditions o oor byous Doric culture

Now in its twentythth year, The Doric Festival is unique in its involvement of local communities across the North-east in celebrating our language, music and traditions.

The Festival provides an opportunity for all, especially our youngsters, to witness the vibrancy of the tongue, music andstories of this North- east neuk, and for performers to participate in the preservation of this heritage.

We appreciate your help and support for the aims of The Doric Festival, and wish to thank all who have made this year’s festival possible.




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Learn about Doric

Doric is the dialect spoken here in the North East of Scotland, especially around Aberdeenshire.

Go to The Broch, the Fraserburgh area, to hear a broad accent of the Doric. You may wish to take an interpreter!

Alternatively, use the guide below to the most commonly spoken words:

Doric English Listen